Lawmaker Accidentally Discharges Gun in Capitol Office: No One Injured

Jan 8, 2014

Representative Leslie Combs
Credit LRC Media Relations

A Kentucky lawmaker accidentally discharged her firearm in her Capitol office.

Democratic Rep. Leslie Combs says in a statement that she accidentally fired her 380 Ruger semi-automatic pistol while attempting to unload it today. 

The bullet struck the wall and ricocheted to the floor of her office, striking a nearby bookshelf. The Kentucky State Police say no one was injured.

In the statement, Combs says that she has had a concealed-carry permit for the several years, and reiterated her support for Second Amendment rights.

House Speaker Greg Stumbo said police have ruled the incident an unintentional discharge, which would not result in criminal charges.

“By law, she’s entitled to have that weapon on these premises," said Stumbo.  "By law, she can even carry it onto the House floor, if she chose to do so.”

Stumbo also said  says the incident doesn't mean the laws that allow guns in the capitol should be changed.

"Somebody’s gonna have to convince me otherwise," said Stumbo. "I mean, it was an unintentional discharge. I think it’s good policy that people like Leslie who, females, who work here late, have to go to their cars, go to functions, sometimes they’re trying by theirselves [sic], have the right to carry and protect theirselves.”

The story has gained national attention, but Stumbo says he doesn't think it will hurt the state's reputation.