Land Between the Lakes Budget Cuts

Apr 11, 2012

The Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area could see a change in services in the coming months as federal maintenance funds for the park are cut in half. At a public meeting last night, Forest Service officials met with area residents to determine what park users don't want to lose... and what they can live without. LBL Area Supervisor Bill Lisowski says the cuts were made to the park maintenance account:

“So the total for Land Between the Lakes last year in that account was about $1.7 million so our challenge is to try to identify ways of being able to balance about a $750 to $850 thousand reduction.”

Lisowski says the maintenance fund covers everything in the park from roadwork to campsite upkeep. He says the public meetings will help LBL officials decide where to increase fees and reduce services over the next few years. The second of the four meetings will be at Historic Cherokee at Kenlake State Resort Park Saturday afternoon from 12 to 2.