KYTC Aims To Gather Public Feedback On Kentucky Rail Plan Update

Feb 17, 2014

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is set to gather public input to update the Commonwealth's rail plan. The plan outlines freight and rail passenger trends and long-term rail transportation goals. 

KYTC Division of Planning Branch Manager Lynn Soporowski says the public input is required before seeking federal grants. She says the rail plan was last updated in 2002 and public opinion is shifting towards questions regarding passenger rail.  

“Unfortunately, our state does not have the population density or the infrastructure to support that right now," said Soporowski. "But we do want to gather what their concerns are and make the plan represent what the state and citizens need.

“We’re just looking to bring the information up to date with the changes in state and federal law, with the changes in infrastructure, what the private railroads of Kentucky have added and subtracted from their operating services," said Soparowski. 

A public meeting in West Kentucky is February 27th from 4 to 7 PM at the Pontotoc Center in Fulton.