KY Treasurer Hollenbach Working To Reunite Veterans With Memorabilia

Nov 11, 2013


The Kentucky State Treasury contains hundreds of items in unclaimed war memorabilia.

Treasurer Todd Hollenbach will be working a booth at Louisville’s Veteran’s Day parade today (Monday) to help get the artifacts to their rightful owners.

Over three hundred unclaimed military items reside in the treasury’s vault — From dogtags to purple hearts, even discharge papers from the Civil War — all of them without owners.

After touring the vault, Hollenbach decided he wanted to send them home.

“I saw these military items, and it occurred to me that, you know, you might be able to auction some military items on eBay or something for, who knows: You might get $20 for a ribbon, and $30 for a medal or something … but that’s, you know, the real value of those medals is in the sentimental value, the memories, for the people who earned them or their families.”

Hollenbach says that those who can’t attend the parade can visit a website operated by the treasury department for more information.