KY Legislator Revamps State's Code Of Military Justice

Mar 14, 2013

Credit Kentucky National Guard photo by Sgt. David Bolton, Kentucky National Guard Public Affairs Office

Kentucky State Representative Tanya Pullin has maneuvered a bill through the legislature that modernizes an aged code of military justice for the Kentucky National Guard.  Pullin chairs the House Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee and she’s been working on the rewrites for the last two years.

She says the changes essentially bring the state's code of military justice up to date and adopt provisions from the federal code.  Many of the changes were needed because of technical advances over the decades. One provision, for example, updates the definition of a court-martial transcript to include a written summary, audiotape, digital image or electronic file.  Pullin maneuvered the 94-page bill through the Legislature with little notice. It now awaits Gov. Steve Beshear's signature.