KY House Moving Resolution on Campaign Donations

Feb 13, 2013

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A state resolution asking Congress to consider limits on campaign contributions is moving in Kentucky’s house.  By the slimmest of margins, the measure passed out of committee Tuesday.  It urges Congress to amend the Constitution so reasonable limits can be set.  Sponsor Mary Lou Marzian believes such limits could reduce negative political advertising.

“It will compel candidates to have to go out and meet people and talk to groups at churches and at schools and community organizations rather than just throwing up mud slinging on television and being able to buy every ad that they can buy and pound their opponent with negative ads," Marzian said.

However, Senate President Pro Tem Katie Stine says it could face a harder time, if it reaches the upper house.

“The Supreme Court has construed money to be equivalent to free speech," Stine said. " And so the question is there too much free speech in politics?  I would say probably not.  It’s important that everyone have an opportunity to be involved.  The more people that are involved in the electoral process, I think the better.”

The resolution passed the Elections, Constitutional Amendments, and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee and now faces a vote by the full house.   In casting his no vote, Danville Representative Mike Harmon says he would favor ‘taking the shackles off” and letting anybody give as much as they want.