KY House Candidate Imes: a Constitutional Republican

Aug 14, 2012

5th District Candidate for Kentucky's House of Representatives Kenny Imes spoke last night at the opening of the Calloway County Republican Party headquarters. Imes previously served 4 terms as a state representative from 1972 to 79- during which time he switched parties to join the GOP. He says that the switch was due to a change in the parties’ platforms, and that he has always held a strong constitutional stance when it comes to establishing his platform.

“Up until the last 25 years, it has worked very well. Now we see people trying to override the constitution, the bench getting more liberal with it, I think we [should] go back to a very strict interpretation of both the federal constitution and the state constitution.”

The District 5 seat is currently held by Democrat Melvin Henly. Imes will face Democrat Hal Kemp at the polls on November 6th.