Kentucky's New Driver's Licenses

Aug 2, 2012

A more tamper resistant driver’s license will start popping up in wallets across Kentucky.  The new dual side laminated card includes a digital watermark, hologram, and very fine print.  

State Driver’s Licensing Director Bill Heise says the installation of new cameras and computer equipment will prompt a one-day interruption in the processing of driver’s licenses.
“We will maximize that time in providing training and swapping out equipment.  And then, they will be available to open up to the public the following morning,” said Heise.
The new license has multiple security features.   Heise says they’re linked to each other, so counterfeiters must compromise multiple technologies.  Heise says national security is one motivation.
“We’ve designed this card with homeland security involved and other federal agencies.  We are compliant with guidelines that are set forth for a new a secure driver’s license,” added Heise.
Heise says the features provide greater privacy protections.   Still, he says, it might not end the use of ‘fake ID’s’ at liquor stores, bars and nightclubs.
“We have trained individuals that can determine if it’s fraud or not fraud.  So, if you’re going to go to an institution that requires you to be 21 and you have to prove your age, those people that are doing that aren’t trained to determine if that’s a fraudulent card or ID,” explained Heise.

The installation of new cameras and computer equipment at county courthouses begins next week.  It should be completed by October.  The cost of the license will not change.  Motorists are not required to obtain new licenses until their current license expires.