Kentucky Sees an Increase in its Black Bear Population

Aug 11, 2016

American Black Bear (ursus americanus)
Credit Keith Levit, 123rf Stock Photo

  Kentucky’s black bear population is on the rise and state Fish and Wildlife officials are keeping them under the radar in order to control their numbers.

While most black bears populate the eastern region, young males can wander out of their home range during the summer months. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Bear Program Coordinator John Hast says those who live in bear populated areas have taken measures to avoid unwanted encounters. Hast advises all Kentuckians to keep an eye out for bears.


“We just ask people if there’s a bear report in your area to make some of those simple lifestyle changes that our residents in eastern Kentucky do. You know momentarily kinda watch your garbage, your grill… just try to limit any attractant,” says Hast.


Hast says bears wandering out of range will begin to make their way back home in early fall.