Kentucky Agency Asks Public to Report Diseased Deer

Jul 16, 2012

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is asking for the public's help in locating deer suffering from a disease that's prevalent in warm weather.  

The agency says epizootic hemorrhagic disease, or EHD, can be fatal to deer, but humans are not at risk of catching it. It has been found every year in white-tailed deer across the southeastern U.S. since 1966.  The Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study Group tracks outbreaks of the disease. Fish and Wildlife says the public can help by reporting the locations of sick animals, who often gather around farm ponds and water. Infected animals will lose their appetites, drool excessively and lose fear of humans.  To allow the agency to gather samples from live animals, report sightings by calling (800) 858-1549 or email.