Judge Taylor resigns

Murray, KY – In his first public remarks following his Friday resignation from Murray State's Board of Regents, Judge Jeff Taylor addressed a small crowd Tuesday, Aug. 18 about terms of his resignation and commented about his 3 years on the board. Chad Lampe has more.

In his remarks Taylor outlined and railed against a recent Kentucky Judicial Ethics Committee opinion that prompted his resignation. Then he used much of his time to present some brief observations regarding his time as a Regent. He praised university president Dr. Randy Dunn's initiatives to promote outreach and grow MSU as a regional institution, specifically in Paducah. He then exposed political turmoil among a group of local residents.

"I recognize that there is a small group of local, influential, wealthy individuals that oppose this, who quite frankly oppose any efforts by Murray to provide educational opportunities in Paducah or elsewhere for that matter. These individuals are well intentioned but quite frankly, misguided, in my opinion."

Taylor continued and said that this small group's desire to exercise control over the University has stymied the growth of Murray State. Taylor continued to champion his effort to keep tuition low, and hoped the university could continue on it's current trajectory. As for Taylor's replacement, the Governor's office hopes to make a selection in the coming months.