Joni Hogancamp Plans to Focus on Healthcare if Elected to Third District Seat

Oct 11, 2017


  Paducah businesswoman Joni Hogancamp has announced a second run for the third district seat in the Kentucky House of Representatives.

Hogancamp is co-owner and co-founder of Caring People Services, a company providing care to seniors with health issues.

She said west Kentucky is often left out and wants to give the district a louder voice in the legislature. She said if elected, one of her priorities would be healthcare.

“I saw how the Medicaid expansion came in and gave a lot of people insurance who did not have it before,” Hogancamp said. “But the problem of how to pay that is now upon us and I think that that would probably be an area that I would like to focus on.”

Hogancamp also said she feels like west Kentucky has been overlooked industrially. She said when new industries come to the state the region is “not looked at sufficiently.”

“We have rail here. We have river. We have a great interstate system and I feel like we would be a great place for businesses and industry to build,” Hogancamp said.

Hogancamp lost against incumbent Gerald Watkins in 2016. Watkins is not seeking reelection. The third district includes Paducah and part of McCracken County. Hogancamp will face realtor Randy Bridges in the Republican primary election next May.