IL House Committees Pass Medicaid Expansion, Immigrant ID Measures

Jan 8, 2013


Two separate measures for expanding the state’s Medicaid program and allowing illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses are ready for an Illinois House vote. The Human Services Appropriations Committee voted 9 to 5 Monday to make up to 600,00 uninsured residents eligible for Medicaid. The measure is necessary to implement the national health care law next year. The federal government would pay all costs of the new Medicaid recipients for three years starting in 2014. The Medicaid expansion would also need Senate approval.

House Transportation Safety and Vehicle Committee passed a proposal allowing illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses with a 6 to 3 vote Monday. If passed, this would allow an estimated 250,000 illegal immigrants to get their license. They would be required to take a driver’s test, prove Illinois residency and have their picture taken for a state database. The Senate has already approved the measure and Governor Pat Quinn says he too will sign it if it comes across his desk. Both measures would need to pass before the legislative session ends Wednesday.