Hype Around Lincoln Reagan Dinner To Flip House

Mar 14, 2014

Credit Wikipedia

Kentucky Republicans will gather this weekend at Murray State University for a GOP dinner themed around taking control of the state House of Representatives.

Texas Governor Rick Perry is the keynote speaker of the 2014 West Kentucky Lincoln-Reagan Dinner taking place Saturday evening at the Curris Center’s third floor ballroom.

Calloway County GOP chair Greg Delancey says the once Democratic-leaning Kentucky is now firmly conservative.

“When it comes to the local level, I think there’s a lot of tradition and individuals who have just clung to the Democratic nameband so to speak,” he said.

Republicans need to pick up 5 seats to flip the House. While Democrats enjoyed a long stretch in the 90's where they controlled the House and Senate, Republicans have not controlled the Kentucky House since the early 1920s, and calls to the Legislative Research Commission could not verify the last time they controlled both bodies.