House Leaving

Frankfort, KY – In Frankfort, the Kentucky House has decided to go home, but the Senate is still working. Kentucky Public Radio's Tony McVeigh has the latest.


The House has already passed the governor's incentive package and a supplemental spending bill, but aside from amending the bills in committee, the Senate has yet to act on the measures. That leaves the ball in the Senate's court, says House Speaker Greg Stumbo.

"We will leave the House floor open to receive any bills that the Senate would send back, so that we can enroll them. We hope that they'll do that at least on the speedway bill and the incentive package."

But the Senate would have to return to the bills to the House with the exact same language as when they left. That would mean any Senate amendments would have to be stripped. House Democrats aren't waiting around to see if that will happen. After a 30-minute caucus, they voted to go home. The Senate is still in session.