Hotel Industry Enlisted to Fight Human Trafficking

Nov 14, 2017

Credit Andy Beshear, Official Photo

Kentucky’s hotel industry is being enlisted to help fight human trafficking. Attorney General Andy Beshear announced a new partnership Tuesday that will include a training program called “See Something-Say Something-Save a Life.” 

Employees in the hotel industry will learn how to identify and report human trafficking. Hank Phillips heads the Kentucky Travel Industry Association. He said hotel workers are often unknowingly on the front lines of the crime.

"That's one of the values of this whole initiative, is to say, 'Okay it's a hateful, dreadful activity, but we have to acknowledge it,' and then we go beyond that to being part of the solution,” said Phillips.

Attorney General Andy Beshear said his office is currently prosecuting 14 human trafficking cases and assisting other law enforcement agencies with nearly a hundred investigations.

The AG’s office has also forged a partnership with the trucking industry.