Hopksinville Mayoral Race: Pendleton and Hendricks Win Parties' Nominations

May 20, 2014

Credit joeypendleton.com / hendricksforhoptown.com

Hopkinsville’s Democratic and Republican primaries have produced the two candidates to face off in November’s mayoral race. 

Current mayor Dan Kemp is retiring after this term.

Former Chamber of Commerce President Carter Hendricks won the Republican nomination over Jason McCraw with 77% of the vote while former District 2 State Senator Joey Pendleton beat Willie Kendrick with 64%.

Pendleton said the percentage was better than he expected but thinks that it shows the type of mayor Hopkinsville is looking for.

“I'll be a mayor for everybody and everyone," said Pendleton. "And the reason I say that is that I’m the only one running with a proven track record has to what I’ve brought to Hopkinsville and Christian County when I served in the state senate and I think with my connections in Frankfort, I will be successful in continuing in the things we need to get done here in Hopkinsville.”  

Hendricks said he wants voters to see him as the mayor of growth bringing new jobs, retail and entertainment to Hopkinsville. 

“I wish Joey nothing but the best of luck as he moves forward," said Hendricks. "I decided to run for mayor several months ago because I felt like I had the right energy and enthusiasm to be the leader that will help us grow. And hopefully the voters will see their choices and believe that I’m the right candidate.” 

Both candidates will face off in November against independent candidate Walter Shamble.