In Hopkinsville, State and Federal Agencies Coordinate Eclipse Response Efforts

Aug 20, 2017

Credit Liz Tretter, WKMS

Multiple state and federal agencies along with partners in the private sector are coordinating eclipse response efforts at The Regional Response Coordination Center at the University of Kentucky Ag Extension building in Hopkinsville. Ebony Clark and Liz Tretter speak with director Wayne Burd.

Burd said the center is working to assist and respond to local government and communities, to protect assets and provide safety to visitors including any resources that may be needed to make it a safe and enjoyable weekend. For example, if there is an issue with road congestion, the agencies would work to handle that through the office.

Ebony Clark and Liz Tretter speak with Wayne Burd
Credit Keith Todd via Facebook

Operations include representatives from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Kentucky State Police, Kentucky Department of Public Health, Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services, Kentucky Fire Commission, Energy and Environmental Cabinet and utility companies.

Credit Liz Tretter, WKMS

Several people are stationed at laptops with phones nearby. A projector switches to a media alert when entering as sensitive data can come across the screen. Large machines are equipped to produce graphics and maps. Aircraft is flying over the region all weekend, observing congestion along the interstate. On Monday, the office will download photos and video in real-time to monitor roadways. 

Credit Liz Tretter, WKMS