Hopkins County Health Board Moves Forward in MCO Liability Dispute

May 9, 2013

  The Hopkins County Board of Health may learn in two weeks whether they'll settle an ongoing dispute with a Medicaid Managed care Organization.  Board Director Jack Morris said a judge will decide in two weeks whether Kentucky Spirit is liable for the $190,000  owed to the Health Department for services provided in state schools. Kentucky Spirit claims it didn’t understand the obligations despite signing a binding three-year contract with the state. Board Chairman Dr. Tristan Linesberry said the organizer’s position is an untenable situation.

“Kentucky Spirit has decided that they don’t want to pay for any services not done specifically in the Health Department, that they’re only going to pay for those services and not going to pay for services in the schools," said Linesberry.

Linesberry said Kentucky Spirit will probably appeal the decision if the judge rules in the Health Department’s favor and that all other managed care organizers have readily paid for the same services.