Honeywell, Union Differ on Chemical Leak at Metropolis Plant

May 31, 2012

United Steel workers Local 7669 officials say there was a seven minute uranium hexafluoride leak at Honeywell’s Metropolis, Illinois plant earlier this month.  They also allege the community was not notified of the incident. 

 Union spokesman John Paul Smith says on May 14th, a Honeywell engineer caused a release of the toxic material while attempting to do a laid-off employee’s work.  Honeywell spokesman Peter Dalpe says that’s not what happened.  He says a worker was clearing a storage vessel when a valve broke releasing less than a quarter pound of the material.  Dalpe says the entire incident lasted less than 2 minutes, and resulted in no exposure or impact offsite.  The Paducah Sun reports the company immediately notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and is investigating the incident.