History Research Forum: China's One Child Policy

Feb 21, 2013

Government sign in Tang Shan: "For a prosperous, powerful nation and a happy family, please practice family planning."
Credit Venus, Wikimedia Commons

Charlotte Beahan is Professor of History at Murray State and her research interests are East Asia, women’s history and world civilizations.  This afternoon at 4 in Faculty Hall Room 506, Dr. Beahan is the presenter for the next in a series of Department of History Research Forums, all of which are open to the community.  Beahan previews the event in a conversation with Kate Lochte on Sounds Good.

As a postscript, Dr. Beahan points out that the one-child policy has resulted in a generation of “little emperors” –only children who are not only exceedingly pampered but also heavily pressured to succeed.  And..there is uncertainty about whether the new government in China will do anything to change the policy.  Dr. Charlotte Beahan’s presentation on China’s One Child Policy starts at 4 this afternoon in Faculty Hall on campus and everyone’s welcome.