High Temperatures and Dry Conditions Could be Dangerous for Kentucky Patriots

Jun 26, 2012

As Kentuckians prepare for the Fourth of July, temperatures are expected to close in on the 100 degree mark.  A hot dry fourth would create some additional concern for fire safety.

Fire officials every summer often suggest families attend professional fireworks shows.  There are always safety issues related to back yard fireworks displays.  But, this year, extremely dry conditions raise a real fire threat to brush and structures.  In fact, State Fire Marshall Bill Swope says even some professionals are weighing their options.

“I do know that because of these conditions some of the professional shows that you are used to seeing… and taking a long look and giving consideration to possibly cancelling,” said Swope.

A bucket of water is a good item to have on hand when fireworks are exploding on the ground or in the sky.  With drought like conditions spreading across Kentucky, fire prevention may is a bigger priority this year.   Swope says next Wednesday’s Fourth of July holiday will bring with it additional fire risks.

“If there’s no prohibition on fireworks... because of the drought then we would encourage those who use fireworks to have a water source available…to designate a shooter... and to have parental supervision,” added Swope.

Swope says there is a chance of scattered shower activity between now and next Wednesday.  But, he admits dry conditions could worsen in some parts of Kentucky.