Haslam Sacrifices Tennessee School Vouchers

Credit mspmentor.net

Republican lawmakers who’ve tried for years to divert public education money to pay private school tuition say they won’t give up. Wednesday Gov. Bill Haslam yanked his proposal from consideration because legislators wanted to expand it.

The governor’s bill would have started small, limiting school vouchers to poor students in failing schools. Others have been looking at something many times larger for middle class families. Sen. Brian Kelsey has led the voucher push. 

“This was definitely a minor set back and disappointing that the governor pulled his support, but I am fully committed to helping these low income children get the quality education that they deserve. There are other vehicles out there that are available,” he said.

While committees are shutting down for the year, Kelsey said there’s still a chance to get something passed this year.

The Senate has been much more gung-ho on vouchers, passing a bill in 2011 that failed in the House, which has shown less enthusiasm.

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