Gov. Bevin Talks Workforce Development with President Trump and Other Officials

Jun 15, 2017

Credit Peter Griffin,

Governor Matt Bevin met with President Donald Trump and other governors and federal officials at the White House on Thursday to discuss workforce development.

According to a release from the Governor’s Office, the meeting focused on state apprenticeship initiatives, industry partnerships and work-based learning. Bevin said such efforts bring financial opportunity to individuals and provide a skilled labor force for growing businesses.

Bevin’s administration has invested in workforce development efforts like the $100 million Work Ready Skills Initiative, $15-million Dual Credit Scholarship Program and ‘Justice to Journeyman’ training for released juvenile and adult inmates. Bevin also announced this week a Work Matters Task Force to help people with disabilities and others get jobs.

Bevin said in Paducah on Wednesday that he intended on discussing with President Trump the energy leadership potential of west Kentucky related to the nuclear moratorium lift.