Gov. Beshear's First Year

Frankfort, KY – It's been a challenging first year for Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, who took office last December. He rode into office promising to bring casino gambling to the state, but when lawmakers balked, he sought a cigarette tax hike, which also failed. Has he given up on gaming?

"I'm certainly still interested in some form of gaming in this state both because of the revenue it would produce and it would help salvage our racing industry, which is in danger of going under - and that's a huge industry for us. But gaming is not on the front burner for me right now, because it can't affect our immediate problem " ...Which is a projected budget deficit of 456-million dollars. Beshear is still shaping a plan to address the shortfall, which he soon will take to the people. He's considering calling a special session after that, but is meeting resistance from Senate President David Williams.