Good Read: "Game Change" by John Heilemann & Mark Halperin

Jun 13, 2012

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Product Description:
In Game Change, John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, two of the country’s leading political reporters, use their unrivaled access to pull back the curtain on the Obama, Clinton, McCain, and Palin campaigns. Based on hundreds of interviews with the people who lived the story, Game Change is a reportorial tour de force that reads like a fast-paced novel. Character-driven and dialogue-rich, replete with extravagantly detailed scenes, it’s an intimate portrait of some of the most powerful and fascinating figures in American life—the occasionally shocking, often hilarious, ultimately definitive account of the campaign of a lifetime.

“This book is a very insightful and innovative coverage of the 2008 Presidential election cycle that has caused excitement and controversy in the political world. Moreover, this book keeps the reader riveted as new revelations are made regarding recent events and popular personalities. It is a must read for students of current events, politics, and the complexities of human personalities.” – Brian Clardy