Future of Riverfront Redevelopment Remains Undecided

Nov 6, 2013

Board members remain divided on the future of a riverfront development project in Paducah. The Paducah Riverfront Development Authority grappled with narrowed options for Schultz Park and a new dock at Wednesday's PRDA meeting due to limited grant funds. 

$9 million have been spent on the project to date. PRDA members say the project will take more than $6.5 million to complete the project with $5.6 million remaining in grant funding. 

Paducah Riverfront Development Authority member Joe Frampton, left, discusses the future of the project during Wednesday.
Credit John Paul Henry

"We spent over $6 million to be able to go down and look at the river, that's what you can do right now," George Sirk said. "I mean, we have Shultz Park. You can go down there and get all the views of the river you want. And we're going to say, 'We're going to quit after six million to get a little bit better park?'"

Joe Frampton wasn't as positive about finishing the project as planned.

"You either quit or you spend $12.7 million," Frampton said. "When I walk down there then and say, 'Gee, we have created $12.7 million worth of value here in terms of tourism, entertainment, recreation for the citizens.' Folks that is a huge stretch for me."

Much of the debate stemmed from whether to proceed with building the transient dock.

PRDA took control of the planning in October, following Paducah City Commission's halting the over budget project. The next meeting will be on Nov. 20 at 10AM. 

"We know we have a project that we can't currently fund," PRDA Chairman Bruce Brockenborough said. "So what's the best way to bring the community the best project."