Frustrated Senate Democrats Push 'Grand Bargain' Votes

May 17, 2017

Credit Henryk Sadura/123rf Stock Photo

Illinois Senate Democrats plan to vote on the "grand bargain" budget compromise.

Members of the majority party say the Legislature's May 31 adjournment deadline is looming. They are frustrated at the lack of progress on the compromise package worked out with Republicans. A vote is planned Wednesday.

The sprawling grand bargain was supposed to set a bar for ending a two-year budget stalemate between Democrats controlling the General Assembly and Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner. It includes an income-tax increase to tackle a multibillion-dollar deficit and business climate changes Rauner demands.

None of it was supposed to take effect unless it all did. That's changed. Assistant Majority Leader Donne Trotter of Chicago says each of the dozen or so bills will be voted on as stand-alone measures.