Front Page Sunday 9/2

Sep 3, 2012

A CEO of a large in employer in Murray is stepping aside and that leaves some uncertainty for hundreds of workers in our region. We also learn about decisions people over the age of 65 are making that impacts an area healthcare provider. Also, we’ll also get an overview of the ongoing debate over the benefits and risks of raw milk, and find out just how significant minor league baseball once was in our region.  Then, we resume our monthly conversations with Murray State President Dr. Randy Dunn and preview this week’s offering at Paducah’s Maiden Alley Cinema.

(1.) C.A. JONES LEAVES LEADERSHIP POST -- This past week a large amount of news has been circling around alleged financial problems for a group of businesses that employ, at last public count to the Murray Ledger and Times, nearly 300 people.  The most recent news comes in the form of an email to employees of C.A. Jones Management Group, from owner and CEO Chuck Jones announcing his departure from the CEO role for many companies. Shelly Baskin has been covering this story for WKMS and joins me to talk more about this complicated story. 

(2.) HCMC CUTS AND NURSING HOME PLANS -- A lack of patients is bringing changes to the Henry County Medical Center’s hospital-run nursing home, the Henry County Healthcare Center.  The facility has capacity for 150 residents, but around 30 beds are consistently empty and it’s spent the past few weeks in restructuring mode.  Hospital officials have shut down one hall and cut two full-time jobs.  They also expect to limit the number of new hires in the coming years.  Angela Hatton spoke with CEO Tom Gee about the move, and how it reflects a shift of view as the hospital prepares for the future in geriatric care.

(3.) RAW MILK: The debate over unpasteurized, or raw milk has been heating up in recent months. Those who drink it tout its nutritional benefits, but government health officials warn that consuming raw milk is not worth the risk of contracting a dangerous food-borne illness. Kentucky Public Radio’s Rick Howlett reports. 

(4.) DR. DUNN. - Interview with Murray State President Dr. Randy Dunn.

(5.) BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD @ MA -- This week, Maiden Alley Cinema features the critically acclaimed Beasts of the Southern Wild.  Todd Hatton and Larry Thomas take a look at this story of a girl named Hushpuppy, her family, her home, and the storm that threatens them all.

(6.) BIG RIVER @ PLAYHOUSE -- The musical Big River is playing at Murray’s Playhouse in the Park through September 16th.  Based on Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the show follows Huck Finn after he leaves his home in Missouri and takes to the Mississippi River on a flatboat with a new companion, an escaped slave name Jim. Rose Krzton-Presson sat down with director Lisa Cope and Michael Martin, who plays Jim, to talk about the play’s themes of race, freedom, and morals.

(7.) THE KITTY LEAGUE -- For 30 years between 1903 and 1955, baseball fans in our region looking to take in a live game didn’t have to travel as far as they do today.  In fact, the game came to them.  The teams of the Kentucky - Illinois - Tennessee, or Kitty, League toured a circuit ranging from southern Illinois and western Kentucky to northwestern Tennessee and southern Indiana.  For the most part, the players in this Class D minor league were fresh out of high school, just learning the ins and outs of professional baseball.  Some made it to the majors; most didn’t.  But either way, their stories are being told in a new book, The Kitty League, Images of Baseball by Kevin McCann and Josh Maxwell.  Mr. Maxwell joins us now to talk about the book and the league that inspired it.