Front page AM 5/11/12

May 11, 2012

Murray State bids bon voyage to its Spring 2012 graduates this weekend. And some of those graduates may be feeling a bit of trepidation as they wonder what shape their post-graduate careers will take.  This morning, we’ll find out what kind of job market they face in the Four Rivers region, on Front Page A.M. from WKMS News.

(1.) JOB PROSPECTS FOR 2012 GRADS -- More than 1,300 students will leave Murray State University this weekend with degrees in hand, most of them searching for a job. Their competition; nearly two and a half million students graduating nationwide. Sheila Clark is the Director of the West Kentucky Workforce Investment Board. Gary Pitts spoke with her about regional job prospects as the nation slowly pulls itself out of an economic recession. 

(2.) ART DEWEESE RETIRING FROM PTHS CHORAL PROGRAM -- This month marks the end of an era for the choral program at Paducah Tilghman High School.  Long-time choir director and teacher Art Deweese is retiring after 22 years in the classroom.  During his tenure, Deweese has shaped an award-winning choral program; his students have performed at New York’s Carnegie Hall and even sung masses at St. Mark’s in Venice as well as the Vatican.  The Grand Rivers native has also guided high school students to professional caliber vocal performances in three recent musicals at PTHS, Les Miserables, Jekyll and Hyde, and Fiddler on the Roof.  So, Todd Hatton went to Paducah Tilghman one sunny afternoon to speak to Art Deweese, a man who’s become something of a tradition himself, about his career, and his future.