Free Bullying Tip Service Allows Worried Students to Send Information Anonymously Online

Aug 8, 2014

Credit KCSS

Several Kentucky school systems are signing up for a free bullying tip service as the school year begins.

The Kentucky Center for School Safety has offered the online tipline since this spring but KCSS Postsecondary Director Karen McCuiston says many systems are signing up with the start of the academic year after receiving summer training for the program.

“Kids grow up now in this community where they are cyber savvy and a lot then had rather talk,” she said. “We would love for them to talk face to face and build relationships at school. But many times they feel more comfortable sending just a little message on a form and thinking nobody has to come talk to me but I’ve sent my information.”

McCracken County Schools just signed up for the service and its Law Enforcement and Safety Director Larry Zacharetti says he waited until the fall because the school system had subscribed to a similar paid service through June.

The full list of participating schools is at KCSS’s website