Firs Lady BeShear Announces Grants for Western Ky. Trails

Oct 19, 2012

First Lady Jane BeShear has announced several grants that will create or improve walking trails throughout western Kentucky. Beshear delivered a $50,000 grant to Trenton for a 3,000 foot-long concrete trail that will run along U.S. Highway 41. Democratic Representative Martha Jane King joined BeShear at the Thursday presentation, which has drawn some criticism from Republicans who claim Governor Steve BeShear and his wife have been traveling under the guise of official business to campaign for Democratic legislative candidates. King is running for reelection in Logan and Todd counties against Republican Chris Hightower.

Beshear also announced Thursday that several recreational trails in western Kentucky were awarded a total of more than $250,000 in grants. These projects include widening the Muhlenberg Rail Trail, adding a new parking lot to Dawson Springs Park to Park, constructing an asphalt trail for the Nortonville Recreational Trails Project and creating an elevated nature trail at Daviess County’s Horse Fork Creek Park.