Fired City Clerk Will File Lawsuit Against Murray

Oct 1, 2012

Former Murray City Clerk Harla McClure will file a lawsuit against the city for wrongful termination. Attorney Thomas Clay says Mayor Bill Wells declined to reinstate McClure as city clerk. Wells fired McClure in early September on allegations of lying about the theft of a $50 city sticker. McClure denies any dishonesty and says it was a misunderstanding. Clay says the city failed to address concerns about the fairness of McClure’s termination. He says,

“I think the mayor had reached his decision before we even had that first initial session with him on August 31st. I don’t think he paid any attention to the presentation we made then, and he considered in this grievance appeal information of which Ms. McClure was not aware at the time we appeared before him on August 31st.”

Mayor Wells says the city is withholding comment on the allegations due to the impending lawsuit. However, in his response to McClure’s grievance appeal, Wells says she has been afforded all of her rights to due process. Clay says he expects to begin the lawsuit against the city in the next couple of weeks.