FEMA Provides Assistance

Murray, KY – Thanks to an emergency declaration from President Barack Obama last week, FEMA has been sent to aid in disaster recovery across the region after last week's ice storms. Phil May is a regional administrator out of Atlanta, Georgia. He says the agency has assisted the state in providing commodities, meals, and generators to local governments. May says if Mr. Obama signs a major disaster declaration, the state can share the cost of debris pickup, shelter operations, and other recovery efforts with the federal government. He says the state has yet to request assistance for individuals.

"And if they do do that, some individuals based on whether they have insurance or not may qualify for certain federal grants for the repair of their homes or rental assistance or any lost property they might have."

Governor Steve Beshear says he does plan to request individual assistance through the agency. During an interview yesterday he said that if the aid does become available, it will likely not cover the cost of expenses incurred through the purchase of generators and fuel.