Fantastic Fibers Exhibits Non-Traditional Mediums

Apr 13, 2012

Recently the Yeiser Art Center opened a competitive exhibition featuring not a drop of paint. The artists’ works deal in the tactile, pliable and stitchable. Fantastic Fibers welcomes the work of non-traditional artists from around the globe.  In preparation for the exhibition, WKMS' Drew Adams spoke to Lora Rocke, a former winner of Fantastic Fibers and a contributing artist this year. When Lora isn’t in her Nebraska studio, she spends her time creating quilts, teaching workshops and lecturing across the country. She creates vibrant and complex quilts with a time intensive technique she best describes as “painting with thread”. The artist takes some time from her schedule to speak of her medium, method and a unique source of inspiration.

The Fantastic Fibers Exhibition is on diplay through May 5th at the Yeiser Art Center.

For more of Lora Rocke's work you can visit her website.