Family Fights to Clear the Name of Retired Owensboro Businessman

Feb 15, 2018

Credit belchonock, 123rf Stock Photo

The family of a retired Owensboro businessman is fighting to have his name cleared.  Billy Joe Miles was indicted on charges of rape, sodomy, and bribery—an indictment that prosecutors said last month they plan to drop.

Miles was indicted in 2016 on charges of sexually assaulting a 30-year-old home health care worker who was assisting Miles at his home. The woman decided to not move forward with the case against Miles when a judge ruled she could be questioned about other allegations she made surrounding the case that were disproven.

The Courier-Journal reports family members of Miles want the Office of the Kentucky Attorney General to dismiss the case permanently, which would allow the charges to be officially expunged.

The AG’s office has so far refused to do so, while declining to say whether it plans to prosecute Miles in the future.

Miles was a prominent Owensboro businessman, civil leader, and the former head of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees.

Family members say he is suffering from dementia, and want to see his name cleared before he dies.