Extra Water Keeps LBL Animals Cool

Jul 30, 2012

Land Between the Lakes wildlife management workers say extra water is keeping their captive animals cool. LBL manages over 100 bison and around 35 elk, as well as numerous species at its Nature Station. Wildlife technician Curtis Fowler said so far the bison and elk are doing well in the heat

with extra pools of water added to their lands. Fowler said in extreme heat, workers have to make sure the pools do not get too hot. 

“Because ponds aren’t terribly deep – though we do have some that are deeper than others – as the sunlight heats the water above 85 degrees or more, they tend to want to consume less water than they need to drink. That can cause problems say with milk production of a cow that has a calf that needs to feed every day,” Fowler said.

Workers at the Nature Station are also adding water to their animal’s cages, and keeping visitors’ programs inside during the hottest part of the day.