Exceptional Center's Funding Threatened

Benton, KY – Economic concerns may force the Marshall County Exceptional Center to close after 45 years of operation. The center serves developmentally challenged and mentally retarded clients from age 18 through adulthood. They also provided meals for homebound seniors but Executive Director Diana Wall says that program is in jeopardy.
"We are only reimbursed for a portion of the cost for what those meals cost us and the center is having to pick up the remainder which is approximately 3000 dollars a month. Along with that we had our state general funds cut from $1698 a month down to $699 a month and that's very difficult to overcome"
The Exceptional Center currently serves 26 clients, offering adult training programs to teach life-skills, job preparation and independent-living behaviors. Approximately 83% of the center's funding comes from private donations. Their annual fundraiser is this Sunday (October 19) from 1 to 4 pm in Benton.