EKU Plans Response To White Supremacist Flyer Posted In Classroom Buildings

Nov 20, 2013

Racist flyer found posted in classroom buildings at Eastern Kentucky University.
Credit Charles Compton / WEKU News

White supremacist flyers have circulated around the campus of Eastern Kentucky University that claim a “non-violent genocide” has been launched against so-called “white countries.”  

University spokesman Marc Whitt confirmed several flyers were posted in classroom buildings that serve police and firefighter trainees.  Whitt said an official investigation is underway.

“At this point, no one has information leading to any suspects, so it would be premature for us to guess as to who or which group was responsible,” Whitt said.

Kentucky Public Radio confirmed an African-American professor believes the flyers target her. She has reportedly complained of harassment to school officials.

“This is the first reported case of its kind in many, many years.  At least in more than a decade. So, we are taking a very proactive stance with this.  EKU does not condone language that diminishes anyone or any group,” Whitt said.

Besides the investigation, Whitt said EKU will also host a series of trainings and forums for students, faculty and staff. 

“Eastern Kentucky University works very hard as a public university to maintain an academic community that confirms one of our country’s greatest freedoms, that being the Freedom of Expression, while at the same time fostering a campus climate that’s open, inclusive, respectful and welcoming,” Whitt said.