Education Committee Republicans Question Evolution on State Tests

Aug 16, 2012

A Hopkins County lawmaker is among some state house Republicans questioning whether evolution should be a part of Kentucky’s standardized science tests. The Kentucky interim joint Education Committee debated the topic this week during a discussion of “end-of-course testing.” Republican State Representative Ben Waide of Madisonville says test questions about evolution help promote it as scientific fact and not theory.

He says he doesn’t want what he calls "evolution indoctrination.” House education committee chairman Carl Rollins says he doesn’t want the alternative, questions about “creationism” or “intelligent design” on the standardized tests. Rollins has no problem labeling “evolution” as theory but says there’s a lot of scientific research supporting it. Waide says his concern is not religious. He says he just wants Kentucky students to think critically about science and be encouraged to test various theories. ACT Educational Services develops the state’s test questions.