Education Commissioner Hopes Public Scrutiny Will Halt School District Scandals

Mar 14, 2013

School superintendent contracts, benefit packages, and evaluations will be available to the public online under recommendations supported by Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday and state Auditor Adam Edelen.

Edelen’s office has uncovered abuse of power at multiple school districts in recent months. He says,

“When you conduct four investigations, in three of which you find significant failings in which the people who were charged with administering school districts were to varying degrees enriching themselves at the expense of their children, clearly it calls for new safeguards in place to make sure that this kind of abuse can’t and is less likely to occur anywhere.”

Local school boards made up of elected members are in charge of hiring superintendents, but education officials say many are left in the dark about fiscal matters. Commissioner Holliday says stricter requirements will be required for annual evaluations and school board training.