E-Z Portable Buildings Brings New Jobs to McCracken County

Mar 20, 2014

Credit ezpb.com

A Metropolis, Illinois-based storage-manufacturing company is relocating its base to McCracken County bringing close to 100 new jobs. 

E-Z Portable Buildings announced that it’s moving its headquarters to the former Essex Wire Plant in West Paducah which has sat vacant for nearly five years. 

EntrePaducah Director Chuck Sexton says they’ve worked with E-Z Portable’s owner Trendon Burnett to apply for up to $375,000 of performed-based tax incentives through the Kentucky government to encourage the move.

Sexton says EntrePaducah is always looking to assist small smart-up businesses, especially those in second-stage growth, and E-Z Portable is a prime example.   

"But it’s beyond the start-up stage, a second-stage growth company is a company who is ready to grow that company exponentially over the next few years by tapping into a national marketplace and that’s exactly what E-Z Portable is doing," said Sexton. "They’re planning on increasing their employment from 10 employees to a little over 90 new jobs."

Burnett is expected to invest $1.25 million to develop the 335,000 square-foot plant. The company has several retail locations in Illinois in Missouri, but this is their first location in Kentucky.

Sexton says the company has already started moving equipment into the facility and will begin hiring locally within the next thirty days.