Dynamic Road Tests Continue On Lagoon Bridge Construction

Sep 2, 2013

Credit KYTC

Engineers working with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet are planning more dynamic road tests to gauge the strength of the Lagoon Bridge which will eventually replace the Eggner’s Ferry Bridge over Kentucky Lake.  The first was conducted last Friday, halting traffic across the Eggner’s Ferry Bridge for about half an hour. KYTC Spokesman Keith Todd said at least three more tests are planned.  They consist of placing hundreds of tons of weight on top of pilings at the lake’s bottom and detonating an explosive charge to measure their integrity.

“It’s essentially designed to replicate what might happen if say there’s an earthquake, or if a towboat hits the bridge or if say there was a fully-loaded semi were to crash on the bridge and hit part of the bridge," said Todd.  

The data collected will indicate the technical specifications the bridge needs to meet. 

"They want this testing completed as quickly as possible because the designers are literally sitting there waiting for the technical information," said Todd. "We're hoping maybe by the end of this year or early next year that we will actually be able to let a contract for construction of the main bridge."

Todd said if everything goes smoothly, they expect the $25 million bridge will be completed by the middle of June 2014.