DUI Arrests Down Slightly with Help from Phone Aps

Aug 8, 2014

Credit Konstantin Fedin, 123rf Stock Photo

Messages technology addressing designated driving are working to lower drunken driving crashes in Kentucky according to Director of the state's office of highway safety, Bill Bell, who admits the drop in recent years has been slim.  

"It's come down a little bit each year, fractionally," Bell said.


He says more smart phone apps are being developed to address drunken driving concerns. 


"It will work on anybody's smart phone," Bell said "It will allow you to find a ride of a local cab service.  Also, we are adding a feature where you can text a friend, if you need a safe ride home as well." 


Bell says Kentucky registers about 25,000 arrests each year for driving under the influence and that alcohol related fatalities make up about 20 percent of all highway deaths annually.  


Bell says designating a sober driver is crucial to reducing injuries and deaths. 


"It's prevention and prevention cost a lot less than dealing with the aftermath of an alcohol related crash," Bell said.