Double Arrow Explosives Building Indoor Blasting Chamber

Jan 29, 2013

Credit wikipedia

An explosives manufacturer in southern Hopkins County is building an indoor blasting center after nearby residents have complained the blasts are damaging their homes. Double Arrow Explosives has been hardening rail tracks with explosives since October and is located at the same site as Donovan Commercial Industries. 

Department of Natural Resources spokesperson Linda Potter says her agency has been conducting seismic tests to determine the extent of the damage from the blasts since early January.

“They’re going to check them this week,” she says. “I think they checked them one other time and nothing discernable or out of the ordinary was found, but they’re going to keep them there until they are rest assured.”

Potter says the DNR checks the tests once a week or every two weeks. Double Arrow says the DNR has completed three tests which all showed no problem, but Potter could not confirm that.

The explosive rail hardening process has tripled the number of workers to six onsite at Double Arrow. The company has apologized to nearby residents for the inconvenience.