DOE Pulls Funding From Clean Coal Project In Illinois

Feb 5, 2015

Credit US Department of Energy / Wikimedia Commons

The Department of Energy is pulling funding from a central Illinois project that’s been heralded as the future of clean coal technology saying it can’t be completed before the initial deadline.

The project explores carbon capture and sequestration. Spokesman Lawrence Pacheco says without the federal funding the FutureGen Industrial Alliance project in Morgan County cannot go on.

“The DOE concluded that there is not enough time to complete the project before federal funding expires in September of this year,” he said. “And despite the Alliance’s commitment to advancing the technology as well as our belief that there are solutions to addressing the impending deadline the Alliance must comply with DOE’s directive.”

The DOE pledged $1 billion in August 2010 to complete the $1.65 billion project has been ongoing since 2005.