Discovery Park Draws Large Crowd, Long Lines

Nov 12, 2013

Credit Discovery Park of America

Almost 10,000 people have visited the Discovery Park of America in Union City, Tenn., since its opening this month. But many of those visitors come on the weekends causing a long wait to enter the park.

Marketing Director Mary Nita Bondurant said while the staff is encouraging local visitors to buy tickets during the week when it’s not as busy, the wait is about average for similar attractions.

“One of the places that we benchmarked with before we opened, we went to the aquarium in Chattanooga, and they tell me that it is not uncommon on a daily basis for people to have to wait in line in 45 minutes there,” she said. “We would like to get everybody in in 10 minutes. We just don’t want anybody to have to wait at all, but it’s kind of standard most places that people do have to wait.”

Bondurant said in addition to preordering tickets at the park, visitors both near and far will soon be able to purchase tickets and season passes online.