Discovery Park of America set to Expand Exhibits

Jun 20, 2012

Union City’s science and history themed Discovery Park of America is adding several extra attractions to its 100,000 square foot facility.

New exhibits will bring the park's display space up to about 50,000 SF. Communications and Development director Larry Snider says the expansions will focus on historic artifacts. He says,

“The latest addition is what we’re going to call the Main Street area, which will feature Liberty Hall. Liberty Hall will contain the replica of the Liberty Bell and a number of other really historically significant documents and paintings from the time America gained its independence.”

Other exhibits in the expansion are a railroad depot and rail cars, and a late 19th century church from Elbridge, TN. Snider says while the park is still scheduled to open by the middle of next year, an exact date hasn't been set. He says the latest additions shouldn't delay the discovery center's opening.