Discovery Park of America Opens Children’s Discovery Garden

May 16, 2017

Credit Discovery Park of America

The Discovery Park of America in northwest Tennessee opened a half-million dollar Children’s Discovery Garden Tuesday.

The Robert and Jenny Kirkland Foundation funded the project that features a treehouse tower, zipline, butterfly garden and Rhapsody outdoor instruments. Park Marketing Director Mary Nita Bondurant said park officials hope to provide an educational experience for children visiting the museum.

“You know how you hear people say if you get people to come to church they’ll hear the message?” Bondurant said. “We kinda look at the children's garden like that. If that entices more children to come to Discovery Park, it will be hard for them to be here without learning something.”

Bondurant said the garden offers amenities to those with special needs. The garden is open daily during the park’s normal hours. Visiting the Children’s Discovery Garden is free for anyone with an Annual Pass. For all others, it is included in the park admission.