Disaster Preparedness for Chronic Disease Patients

Frankfort, KY – State officials now offer disaster preparedness materials for individuals with chronic disease. The materials benefit those with, among other things, hypertension, heart disease, or diabetes. Public health commissioner William Hacker says a resource guide will help chronically ill patients take necessary steps to prepare for disasters and emergencies. Janet Lutrell (LUH-trull) manages the chronic disease prevention branch.

"It's actually designed for about any type of disaster because a person who
has a chronic disease no matter what type of disaster it is if they're gonna
have to go without their medications, if they're gonna have to go without
being able to get a hold of their health care provider they're going to need
certain information they're going to need to have certain things on hand."

There are also patient resource manuals for conducting classes in Local communities. The free materials can be ordered directly off www.chronic diseasepreparedness.org.